Event Packages

​​Big Top Balloons

Archie's classic balloon package includes all deluxe balloon art, up-close entertainment and interaction, and plenty of photo opportunities.  No generic balloon dogs or swords here!  This is a perfect package for at-home parties and corporate events. Add a custom balloon photo frame or candy cups to fit your event's theme!

$200 per hour

Cobblepot & Klein Present
The Storytime Show: A Magical Journey

Archie Cobblepot and Joey Klein team up to present a two-man silent clown balloon show, complete with music and audience participation, perfect for birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, carnivals, fairs, and more.


The Walk-Around: Variety and Corporate Performance

Cobblepot packs his suitcase and mingles with guests at your event, performing up close and personal comedy and feats of general stupidity. This is not a show, but an interaction! Perfect for any larger scale event, such as bar/bat mitzvahs, cocktail hours, corporate engagements, family reunions, outdoor gatherings, and more!

$200 per hour


Performance art at it's finest: creating art while performing! Balloonapalooza is an interactive large scale balloon build that which includes comedy and audience participation. Once complete, the enormous balloon is given to the event's guest of honor.


The Grand Vaudevillian Balloon Carnival

Balloons aren't just for kids! The Grand Vaudevillian Balloon Carnival is the perfect accompaniment to your adult event, featuring the most incredible balloon sculptures that you and your guests could hope for; large, deluxe creations, including illuminated sculptures and wearable pieces. Included at no additional charge is Cobblepot's trademark sarcasm and wit.

$300 per hour

PLEASE NOTE: An additional travel fee may also apply. Our "local" range covers one hour in any direction (each way), anything further will incur a fee starting at $100.